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What are the payment methods you accept it?
Credit card
The method of payment of our favorites in (Alakaifak) is a secure payment using a credit card. We guarantee you protect your credit card number with the latest electronic encryption technologies,
 We currently accept credit cards of the type of Visa Card and MasterCard. You can save your credit card information in the "My Account" page, which saves you time and ensures that you pay a faster process again.
 We also provide our customers service PayPal as a method of payment. All you have to do is choose PayPal as a means of payment (after entering your personal information) and click on the "Buy now." You will then be redirected to your PayPal account, where you will find a presentation of all the data relating to procurement: Your credit card or debit card information, your address details, the products you want to purchase it. In the case of pressing the "Pay Now" will be sent to the amount (as you wish).

 What are the areas that are shipping and delivery to her?
We provide in (Alakaifak) delivery service to all cities of Saudi Arabia and we are expanding our services to include the rest of the Gulf countries as soon as possible.

* How are the shipping fees?
Free delivery within Riyadh on all orders if the amount of the purchase value of SR 200 and above. But if the purchase amount is less than 200 SAR you will be charged an amount of 30 SAR
Free delivery for the rest of the cities in the Kingdom on all orders if the purchase amount of  300 SR and older. But if the purchase amount is less than 300 SAR you will be charged an amount of 30 SAR

Returns and replacements
 We offer in the shop (Alakaifak) full comfort to our valued customers to retrieve the products within seven business days from the date of delivery
The client must inform us the product that wants to take him back through Ali email us or call us toll-free number 0505366723 to start the return or replacement process
And it must provide the following conditions
1. The return and replacement includes all items except for consumer products,
2. To take advantage of the return and replacement services and security must bring the original invoice.
3. Can the return or replacement if the product was the same its original state when you buy an envelope and its original wrapper.
4. retrieval within three (3) days and replacement within seven (7) days from the date of delivery.
5. purchases paid purchasing vouchers or credit cards can not be returned for cash.

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